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TSRn: Snoop Dogg to play musician/pimp Fillmore Slim

The Scorecard Review news

News: Snoop Dogg is attached to star in a biopic of Fillmore Slim (aka Clarence Sims). He's a blues singer and guitarist who was also a pimp in the '60s and '70s. Source: Deadline.com

Thoughts by TSR: Snoop Dogg isn't really known for being an actor so much as a rapper/personality/pot legalization supporter. The only thing I could think of him in offhand was Starsky and Hutch, and no one looked good in that. No, that's not true, the car looked great. But after a quick check on IMDB, looks like he's been on quite a few things. Notably he was on Playmakers, a great show from ESPN that got cancelled because the NFL didn't like it. I think he was mainly cast for the notoriety, I haven't heard of anyone else involved in the making of the film. But I wouldn't be surprised if Snoop gives a great performance. You can't count the Dogg out.

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