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TSRn: No More Transformers For Shia LaBeouf

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News: Shia LaBoeuf says he's done with the Transformers franchise after the upcoming Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. He also says he doesn't think Michael Bay will return for another installment either. Source: MTV.com

Thoughts by TSR: It's a nice headline but I don't know how much credence you can give to LaBeouf's claim. He may truly believe this in his heart, and not just cynically be looking to drum up press in a summer swamped with blockbusters. But even so, you never know. Look at Johnny Depp who regularly claimed that Pirates of the Caribbean was a trilogy, then that he wouldn't return for a fourth film if director Gore Verbinski didn't come too. Despite this, the fourth Pirates film, directed by Rob Marshall, came out to very blah reviews a few weeks ago.

Transformers fans shouldn't worry though, the human characters in the films will always play second fiddle to the robots in disguise. As long as the studio meets Optimus Prime's increasing demands (apparently he has a soft spot for sexy Ferraris) your franchise is safe.

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