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TSRn: Robert Redford to direct Shia LaBeouf in 'The Company You Keep'

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News: Transformers: Dark of the Moon megastar Shia LaBeouf has just signed on to play a lead in the new film to be directed by Robert Redford, titled The Company You Keep. Redford will also act in the film as a Weather Underground militant whose identity is exposed by a young reporter played by LaBeouf. The script is written by Lem Dobbs (who wrote The Limey).

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Thoughts by TSR: Redford's last movie, The Conspirator, didn't seem to do great business, but this could offer a change-up to that slump.

LaBeouf is guaranteed to bring in his whippersnapper audience, and the movie will probably give him at least 50 percent screen time. Redford's millions of followers will likely flock to the big screen in bigger numbers than they did Lions for Lambs. On top of this, having the talent of screenwriter Lem Dobbs certainly won't hurt either. With these three on board, it'll certainly be a movie to pay attention to, whether it's any good or not. And more simply, it'll definitely sell tickets.

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