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TSRn: Jason Statham rumored for 'Transformers 4'

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News: Rumor has it around Tinseltown that the next lead in line for the Transformers franchise is action superstar Jason Statham. Part of the interest in Statham comes from his off-screen dating relationship with Transformers actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Source: ShowBizSpy

Thoughts by TSR: Calm down people, this is just a rumor. This could be as true as that Arrested Development movie, but unlike that impossibility, this isn't torturous to think about.

After all, while Optimus Prime and friends might be done saving the world (or wrecking Chicago's loop), that doesn't mean the franchise is over. If Johnny Depp can return in a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie doing Depp knows what, the Autobots and Decepticons will keep their intergalactic beef red hot for the sake of millions and millions of dollars.

Now, let's talk about Statham. Not a bad idea, especially if the franchise is looking to take its action to a darker, and more realistic realm. If you cast Statham in a movie, he'll all but erase the awkward comedy of Sam Witwicky (played by Shia LaBeouf, who apparently wants nothing to do with the series anymore). Statham would bring brawn to the series without the visual help of armed forces, which also makes Michael Bay's involvement in the movie a bit redundant (if he's even interested in another movie himself). Statham would probably fight Megatron with his barefists, instead of letting his car do it for him.

While this type of gig could give Statham his biggest paycheck yet, it doesn't seem like it would be one of his ultimate roles in his career. If he were to play a character like a more machismo Witwicky, (or even someone like Josh Duhamel's character) the franchise would play into his visible strength and attitude, basically the type of simple traits that lead audiences to movies like Transporter 3. Statham is certainly enjoyable in a more direct action role, but he has so much more potential than carrying a gun and getting hit by things.

Oh, and one last thought. If Statham were to jump into the series, (or anyone for that matter), and Huntington-Whitely were to stay in the franchise, this would mean (in character development terms) a second "breakup" for Sam Witwicky. Hero can't catch a break.

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