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TSRn: Team Scorsese/Monahan to Remake 'The Gambler'

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News: Martin Scorsese to again team with writer William Monahan (The Departed, Edge of Darkness) to remake The Gambler. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Thoughts by TSR: The last time these two worked together, what resulted was the gemstone The Departed (2006). Not too shabby, right? This time around they'll be tackling a remake of the 1974 film The Gambler. Anyone care to take a guess at who Scorsese wants in for the lead? Seems fairly obvious, doesn't it? The answer is: the same actor who Scorsese wanted for his lead in the last four of his features.

Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leo has yet to officially sign on, but if he does it will not only mark the fifth Scorsese feature that he's starred in, it'll also mark the second time he's starred in a film written by William Monahan (Body of Lies). This three-man team, in Scorsese, Monahan and DiCaprio, is certainly a battle-tested one, as The Departed was nothing short of stunning. I'd offer that there's no need to be cautious in your optimism here.

So yeah, with all this cinematic goodness present -- I'd say this is great news, and I really hope that DiCaprio signs on.

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