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TSRn: Spike Lee Directing Oldboy Remake

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News: Spike Lee is confirmed as director for the Oldboy remake. Previously, Steven Spielberg was linked to the project. Source: Entertainment Weekly

Thoughts by TSR: This project has been bouncing around for awhile, originally Spielberg and Will Smith were attached (which seemed odd for such a dark, weird film). Lee isn't someone I would have picked, but he might be a good choice. As a filmmaker, the quality of his work is erratic, from great (Do the Right Thing, Summer of Sam) to really bad (Girl 6). But he's not afraid to take risks and this film will be a big one. He needs to keep the things that were great about the movie consistent (the octopus eating scene, the twist at the end) while translating some of the weirder stuff (Oldboy is the badly translated name of a boy's school, it really doesn't make sense in English). At best, I think it could be like The Departed, which deviated from Infernal Affairs but was a good movie in it's own right.

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