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Prom (Blu-ray / DVD Combo)

Blu-ray Review


Directed by: Cast: Aimee Teagarden, Thomas McDonell, Danielle Campbell, DeVaughn Nixon, Nicholas Braun, Yin Chang Running Time: 1 hr 47 mins Rating: PG Due Out: August 30, 2011

PLOT: A group of high schoolers experience different emotional ups and downs as they prepare for their school’s prom.

WHO'S IT FOR?: Having never been to prom before would help in appreciating the “magic” of this movie. Even college freshmen would be able to see through Prom, and witness the amount of fairy dust sprinkled around the real elements of this one night event.


The insecure teenagers of Prom don’t burst out into song whenever they are overcome by their emotions, but they probably should. The only difference between the general structure of Prom and that of movies like Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, or even Aladdin, is that this film works with a whole assortment of characters, each of them going through their sterilized experiences that make up high school. It’s a little shocking that the film’s prom doesn’t call itself “When You Wish Upon A Starry Night” instead of just “Starry Night.” Blue birds don’t show up at the title event and sing to new Disney princess Nova, but you expect them. Everyone’s even got pearly white teeth, something you only see in movies like Aladdin.

It’s hard to look past the big “D” when taking in a movie like Prom (“D” for “Disney,” and coincidentally “delusional.”) Since Disney is working with live action and not animation, it has changed the wicked stepsisters to fellow classmates, and the big ball to a high school event. As stated above, it continues the idea of “true love” by making prom propositions look like marriage proposals (which is creepy), with prom standing as the end-all-be-all of high school social life. Apparently, you survive high school, you go to prom, and then nothing in your life will be as important until your wedding day.

At times, the script can offer up a good one-liner, which can alternate from funny or to-the-point. The on-screen leads, who look like they’re either fourteen or twenty-four, do an overall OK job, rarely making any of their characters stand out as unique human beings.

Though all of its magic dust congests up the film’s chances at providing teenagers something more grown-up, Prom is entertaining at times, but it’s nothing special.



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