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TSRn: Ouija Board Movie DOA, Universal Backs Out

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News: Universal's Ouija board movie may be in trouble if somebody else doesn't step up to the plate, after Universal backed out.

Source: New York Magazine

Thoughts by TSR: Even as a horror fan, I'm conflicted on this one. On the one hand, after seeing the abysmal trailer for Battleship, the idea of no more board game movies is always appealing. Still, if there was any board game that I think could actually be turned around into a halfway decent (or at least entertaining) movie, it was probably this one.

The gentlemen involved, Michael Bay and McG, don't exactly have the greatest track record but I was almost sold on the idea with one line from the article. When the movie was described as "a big-budget Jumanji-like family fantasy" I couldn't help but think about the potential.

Still, it doesn't sound like the project is entirely dead. Pun absolutely intended. They're still shopping the movie around, so I guess there is hope, but then again, there's a good chance that if Universal, the studio responsible for big-budget disasters like the 2010 The Wolfman, is even willing to pass on it, there's a good chance it doesn't deserve to get made. Truth be told, it's probably not such a bad thing if this movie doesn't get made, but when you think about the fact that Battleship will see the light of day, it seems like a Ouija board movie at least deserved a shot...

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