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TSR Buzz: OK Go for Muppets, Letterman strikes back and Breaking Bad karaoke

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  • Last week, I linked to the new Muppets tribute album, The Green Album, featuring popular bands covering classic Muppet tunes. Today I have OK Go's version of "The Muppet Show Theme Song" music video. It references OK Go videos and great Muppet moments. I think I smiled the whole time I was watching it.


  • Last week, a Jihadist website threatened to cut out David Letterman's tongue. In response, he made a list of people who hated him. Get in line boys!


  • If you watch Breaking Bad, you'll be familiar with this next video. It only made the show briefly, but here's Gale Boetticher singing karaoke. I think this is from his vacation in Thailand, where he went looking for love. Also, I love the background video.


  • An animated bit of Wyatt Cenac standup. He's become one of the funniest people on The Daily Show. Forties and Funyuns.


  • I work in news but had never heard of the website Overheard in the Newsroom. After reading it, I realized it's probably the most accurate look at a modern newsroom I've seen.


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