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TSR Buzz: I'm Over Sheen, Ready For True Blood and Loving Animal Videos With Umbrellas

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  • What I am excited about is a new season of True Blood. Season four will feature one of my favorite story lines from the books, Eric getting amnesia! Sure, it's very soapy but as fans know, this show will find a way to make it super weird, perverse and awesome.


  • James Bond celebrates International Women's Day... in a dress. Good attempt, though I just feel sorrow for Daniel Craig looking odd in drag.


  • On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Lykke Li performed "Get Some." While I didn't think I was a fan of her album, this song is working for me. Don't worry. This clip is Miley Cyrus free no matter what it looks like.

  • Finally, I'll end things with a cute animal video. Enjoy slow loris with an umbrella.


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