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TSRn: Johnny Depp to sign on for a fifth 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

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News: Oscar nominee Johnny Depp is close to signing on to a fifth film in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, reprising his role as Captain jack Sparrow.

Source: The Wrap

Thoughts by TSR: Do you ever feel... less than fresh? Because I've got to be honest, the Pirates franchise is certainly showing its age. When Curse of the Black Pearl first burst onto the scene almost a decade ago, in 2003, it was a novel idea. We hadn't had a swashbuckling blockbuster in years. The charm wore off by the second one... and the third one? I don't like to talk about it.

Then Rob Marshall came on board to tackle the fourth. Did he do a good job? I can't honestly say because by now, the novelty has completely worn off. Still, it seemed to make money so whether it was good or bad, it was all the proof that Disney needed that there could be a fifth installment on the horizon.

The article lays claim to another "solid" script being the main attraction for Mr. Depp. While I'd like to think that could very well be the case, it really just seems like another instance of Hollywood milking its cash cow. Then again, if people are gullible enough to buy it again, more power to Disney. Either way, I have my concerns about this movie whether Depp is attached or not, but who do you think Disney is going to side with? The money or the man behind the MacBook?

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