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TSRn: Adam Sandler joins the cast of 'Hotel Transylvania'

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News: Adam Sandler has scored the lead role of Dracula in Sony Picture Animation's star-studded comedy, Hotel Transylvania.

Source: Hitflix

Thoughts by TSR: When you mention the name Adam Sandler, you probably won't get much out of me. Sure, I have a couple gripes against the man, but nothing that a 100th viewing of Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison can't cure. For the most part, I'm pretty indifferent.

But when you look at the rest of the cast involved? Sure, you're bound to have some downers like Kevin James or Fran Drescher, but that's a small price to pay for Andy Samberg and Cee Lo Green. It's a mixed bag really, and I'm fairly confident that the addition of Adam Sandler can't do much to harm that.

Still, what really sells me on this movie is the man behind it, Gendy Tartakovsky. You may be familiar with his work if you were a 90s kid who enjoyed his or her fair share of Cartoon Network. This was the man responsible for the likes of and Dexter's Laboratory, among other things. If anyone can create something passable with this cast, including Sandler, I have plenty of faith in this man.

All in all, it seems like the stars (both celestial and celebrity) are aligning to make Hotel Transylvaniaan an animated movie to watch out for.

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