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TSRn: Peter Facinelli to make Whitey Bulger biopic

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News: Peter Facinelli has recently closed a deal with Brookstreet Pictures to create a biopic about the life of notorious mob boss, Whitey Bulger.

Source: The Wrap

Thoughts by TSR: Well, it seems like timing is everything. On the same day that Facinelli and his partner reached an agreement about making the film, Whitey Bulger was apprehended by the FBI. What does this mean for the movie? Well, I can't help but hope that they're able to churn this one out in time. It'd be a shame if this fell to the wayside, rather than get the attention it deserves while Bulger and his subsequent trial remain in the spotlight. Still, it's dangerous territory. You don't want to rush the movie too much to get it out in time for all the press.

The most interesting part of this piece isn't the focus of the movie at all. Well, not the subject anyway, but Peter Facinelli? The man's biggest claims to fame have been the Twilight movies and 1999's Can't Hardly Wait. It just seems like an unusual choice. But then it all came back to me when I remembered his brief stint on the legal thriller Damages. Although he wasn't a huge part of it, he proved himself capable of handling some more intense material than some of his previous choices might have suggested. In the end, I'm not sure if I'm more nervous for this movie or if I'm excited. I think, if done right, it easily has the potential to become The Untouchables of the decade.

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