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Box Office Review - October 19, 2008

Weekend Box Office Results: 1  Max Payne -  $18,000,000 2  Beverly Hills Chihuahua -  $11,200,000 3  The Secret Life of Bees - $11,050,000 4  W. -  $10,550,000 5  Eagle Eye -  $7,343,000

Queen Latifah beats the President. Max Payne kills the chihuahua.

The Secret Life of Bees has the highest per screen average at $6,945.

I haven't figured out how, but I'm going to change up the box office preview/review. Until I figure out the perfect system, TSR's Box Office Challenge will be on a slight hold. I'll still be attempting to predict the order of the top 5, and for the record, I won again ...

Jeff Bayer = 9 points

1. Max Payne 2. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3. W. 4. Sex Drive 5. Body of Lies