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Box Office Preview - October 17, 2008


Movie of the Week:
Plot: Oliver Stone directs a film about the life and times of George Walker Bush (he’s the president).
Buzz: All signs point to Josh Brolin’s characterization of the president to be spot on. With Stone, it’s always about the buttons he’s attempting to push, not just the story.

Also Opening:
Max Payne
Sex Drive
The Secret Life of Bees
What Just Happened?

And we will have reviews of all the major movies this week.
Max Payne - McLaughlin (the gamer) and Bayer (the wanna-be gamer, but has never actually played the game)
Sex Drive - both him (Pardee) and her (McLaughlin) perspectivies
The Secret Life of Bees - Bayer
What Just Happened? - De Salvo
W. - De Salvo (it just made sense since he was already seeing one movie that started with a 'w.'

And now it’s time for TSR’s Top 5 Box Office Challenge

Jeff Bayer and the rest of the staff will compete to see who correctly predicts the order of the top films for that weekend.

Here’s how it works, just decide the order. Points are awarded as such …
#1 at the box office = 5 points
2 = 4 points
3 = 3 points
4 = 2 points
5 = 1 point

So if you guessed the #1, and the #3 films, that would be 8 points.

For the season it’s
Staff: 2
Readers: 2
If this was only a five-week match, then we've have the rubber. But it's not, so there was no reason to write that.

Look for the TSR staff to add their predictions in the comments section. Deadline is Friday night. And to aid your thought process ...

And to help you along, here are the top 10 movies in terms of theater counts this weekend.

Max Payne Eagle Eye Beverly Hills Chihuahua The Express Body of Lies Quarantine Sex Drive Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Nights in Rodanthe W.

What Just Happened?

Body of Lies