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Quickcard Review W. Directed by: Oliver Stone Cast: Josh Brolin, James Cromwell, Richard Dreyfuss, Elizabeth Banks Time: 2 hrs 9 mins Rating: PG-13

Plot: The life and times of George W. Bush (Brolin) -- from the time he was in college to his current position as President of the United States.

Who's it For? Liberal minded folks with flock to this film for a chance to laugh at our current President. But I am vastly more interested in people who still respect/admire/follow our current Commander-in-Chief, what will they make us this? The focus is not as mean as I was prepared for, I think there are only two f-bombs and it doesn't talk about George W. Bush's cocaine use.

CLICK HERE to read De Salvo's full Scorecard Review OVERALL It's always good, never great. It's an amazing time we live in considering Bush hasn't even left office and we can already have a film about his life (that isn't on the History Channel). The cast is amazing, and it's almost like a "Saturday Night Live" sketch in the sense that you just want to watch everyone perform (or imitate). And some of the impressions were just too much, like Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice. Maybe it was too spot on, but if I never hear that voice again, I'll be a happy camper. I never felt much of a connection between Bush and Laura Bush (Banks). But the true heart of the film works, which is the father-son relationship between Sr. (Cromwell) and Jr. Brolin is the president. At least how most of us assume he would be ... simple, likable, shrewd and confused. It's just surprising that Oliver Stone is also able to make him human. The first two-thirds of the film skips by, nice and breezy. Then, when the war starts, this instant history gets a bit uncomfortable (which is the point of course). We're suddenly forced to remember this is all (potentially) real and not just a Shakespearean play about a kid with a daddy complex and a government attempting to pull the strings.

Final Score: 7/10

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