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TSR Buzz: The Hunger Games Deleted Tributes, Dora the Explorer, and a Two-Legged Kitten!

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  • Everybody wants to be part of the Hunger Games action. But not all the tributes made the final movie. Here, Max Greenfield and Questlove talk about how their roles got cut from the final film.
  • Have you seen Aaron Sorkin's new show, The Newsroom, yet? Even if you don't have HBO, the first episode is available free (and legally) on Youtube. Is it as bad as some critics have said?


  • My dream in life is to be Amy Poehler's best friend. No matter what show she's in, whether scripted or off the cuff, she's hilarious. Here she talks about making Will Arnett cry.

  • Way too many fake movie trailers clutter the internet. But this one looks better than most real movie trailers.

  • For your adorable, here is Anakin, the two-legged kitten. I want him.


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