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TSR Buzz: David Blaine, Star Wars as a Silent Film, and the General Lee Gets Some Air

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  • I've never been a fan of David Blaine's "tricks." He's always seemed a little too desperate for attention. But after listening to his account of how he learned to hold his breath for 17 minutes, I have a little more respect for him. Still think he's crazy though.

  • What would Star Wars look like as a silent film? Maybe something like this...


  • Here's a snippet from the upcoming Richard Linklater film, Bernie, starring Jack Black. My immediate reaction is that Black has a great voice.


  • I watched a lot of Dukes of Hazzard as a young kid. It definitely influenced my idea of how cars worked. I thought you could drive over any surface on earth.


  • My cat Coco thinks she can talk to me. I'm pretty sure she thinks that nonsense comes out of my mouth, so she's just spouting it right back at me. This husky puppy seems to have the same idea.


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