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TSR Buzz: Much Ado about Joss Whedon, the truth about Siri, and Bon Iver's "Calgary"

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  • This weekend, Joss Whedon surprised pretty much everyone by announcing principal photography was completed on his version of Much Ado About Nothing. That it stars Firefly vets like Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher just sweetens the deal. Take a look at the press release.
  • Have you heard about Apple's new voice activated personal assistant, Siri? Like he did with the new Final Cut, Conan cuts right to the chase.

  • The Elephant in the Living Room looks at people who keep exotic animals as pets. After the massacre in Ohio last week, where officials killed dozens of exotic animals after their owner committed suicide and set them free, it sounds like this may be a movie who's time has come.


  • I didn't care for Bon Iver initially, despite the critical acclaim, I found For Emma, Forever Ago to be a very dull album. So I'm as surprised as anyone at how much I love their latest, self-titled album. Below is the video for "Calgary," which doesn't really make sense or appeal to me. But the song is just amazing.


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