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TSR Buzz: Avengers Take Manhattan, Jon Hamm Speaks to Girls, and Long Live Foster the People

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  • This is kind of a comedy video, but seriously these rules are all true. Every time I catch someone talking about Game of Thrones on a Monday, I feel a rage blackout coming on.


  • I'm totally done with The Office. The Mindy Project, however, has potential. As long as she doesn't get all Cathy and start talking about wanting a husband and dieting all the time. Also the charming love interest seems like a dick. But the wedding part at the beginning is pretty funny. Ack!


  • Jon Hamm answers questions of teen girls. I like how he starts to get angry. Why don't you have self esteem? Get some now!

  • What would happen if you killed Foster the People and replaced them with animatronic puppets? I guess not that much.


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