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TSR Buzz: Burning Love, Vertical Video, and RIP Ray Bradbury

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  • The new web series Burning Love parodies The Bachelor, and it's pretty spot on. But it helps that it has actors from The State and Party Down like Ken Marino, Michael Ian Black, Kristen Bell and Adam Scott.


  • Did you watch the MTV movie awards last weekend? Yeah, me either. I don't have cable and I'm not a teenager. But this clip with Joel McHale is pretty funny.


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  • This pig is so adorable I really can't stand it. All he wants is his oatmeal! Give him his oatmeal!


  • Seriously, don't do this. It just makes me angry.


  • Ray Bradbury passed away Wednesday. So to honor him, I'll link to this for the millionth time (NSFW).


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