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TSR Buzz: Happy Birthday David Bowie! Beyonce's baby gets witch-napped and Home Video commentary

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  • Monday was David Bowie's birthday! To honor the birth of one of the biggest rock stars of the last century, here is his crazy-awesome "Ashes to Ashes" video.


  • Life seems perfect for Beyonce, until you realize her fame was granted by an evil witch who has come to claim her baby! The Onion nails this one.

BREAKING: Witch Who Granted Beyoncé Fame Returns To Claim Firstborn Child

  • Jeff found this one, but it's pretty cool. Two brothers do commentary over their childhood home videos.


  • I know nothing about Delta Rae, but the video and song are both great. It reminds me of Bat For Lashes "What's a Girl to Do" video.


  • And Bat for Lashes.


  • You want cute? How about Otters chasing a butterfly. Seriously, this is even cuter than it sounds.


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