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TSR Buzz: The Book of Mormon Wins! Samuel L. Jackson wants you to sleep and Jane Lynch talks dirty

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  • When did the Tonys become the most entertaining awards show? Lean and mean, they're packed with performances and leave the actual award giving mainly to be the big categories. They also have the best awards show host on TV, Neil Patrick Harris. I was watching this year because I was anxious to see the performance from The Book of Mormon, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's awesome new musical. This is the first actual performance to air on TV and I was expecting a spectacle. What I got was a ballad that was funny, heartfelt and very moving. I want to see this musical even more now.


  • It takes a lot of effort and time spent at thrift stores to perfect that hipster look. So it must be vexing to see how effortlessly some Chinese people seem to be at living the life. This tumblr brings together the best Accidental Chinese Hipsters.
  • Ever wondered what "The Office" would have been like if it was on the air in the '80s? Me either, but apparently someone with too much time on his hands did.


  • This link is a little dirty (NSFW), but so worth it. Bill Maher and Jane Lynch read Anthony Weiner's unedited text messages to the dealer in Vegas he was sexting. Lynch killed me when I heard this, I ended up snorting.



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