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TSR Buzz: How 'Inception' Stacks Up, Louis CK on Race, and The Book of Mormon With Jazz Hands!

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  • I've been looking forward to the DVD release of Inception, partly so I could get another look at the dream within a dream, etc and see how they stack up.  One person did look at that, putting the dreams together on one screen to play in "real time".  It's pretty interesting.


  • This morning I visited the eye doctor.  Here's a short film about my experience.  OK, it wasn't that bad but it did remind me of this.


  • I never got Louis CK's comedy until I started watching his FX show Louie.  Now I love him. It's on hiatus now, so while I pine, I'll give you a bit of him on Leno.  I think Jay is very uncomfortable.

  • I am so excited about Trey Parker and Matt Stone's new musical, The Book of Mormon. It will be amazing.  Here's a clip of them talking about it, though unfortunately it doesn't contain any music.
  • And finally, it isn't Christmas until Bono reminds you that Africa wants some Santa-love too!


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