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TSR Buzz: The truth behind 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' Conan, Letterman, and the answer to drunk dialing

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  • Someone went through the first 13 minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark and found clips from old adventure films and Lucas and Spielberg borrowed from. It's pretty fun to watch.


  • I don't know if Conan would be a good boss or a bad boss, but sometimes he would definitely be an awesome boss.

  • David Letterman has a traditional Christmas special. I wasn't aware of this, but apparently there's a story about the Lone Ranger every year. Even if it doesn't sound great, stick around till the end.


  • I should have put this up before New Year's when it would have done you some good. But here's an easy checklist about how to survive the dread drunk dial/drunk text. Totally never done this.

  • Some parents are good parents, other parents are cool parents. Guess which one these kids have.


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