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TSR Buzz: Alec Baldwin punches John Krasinski in the face, 'The Adventures of Tintin' trailer

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  • Here's a video of Yankee fan Alec Baldwin punching out Red Sox cap-wearing John Krasinski in the name of baseball's greatest rivalry. Go Sox.


  • This is Youtube's cute animal video of the week. My girlfriend had the exact OPPOSITE reaction with this one compared to the time she saw "Two Girls One Cup."


  • Director Alfred Hitchcock is known for the many cameos he performed within his own films. This website catalogs all of his brief appearances, including the time into the film of which he can be seen.

Alfred Hitchcock Cameos

  • This is apparently the first footage to ever be shot in Chicago. Riveting stuff!


  • Here's something that might look a little bit better than the pre-Lumiere stuff above. This is our first glimpse at the new Steven Spielberg movie, The Adventures of Tintin. We'll have a trailer review up for it soon, but take a look at this trailer for the time-being. Impressive, is it not?


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