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TSR Buzz: Katy Perry Scalps Her Own Tickets, Will Ferrell's Spanish Movie Trailer

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  • In anticipation of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris coming out this Friday, here's a list of movie roles that the writer/director almost acted in. Apparently, Allen was at one time thought of to work alongside Mel Brooks in the original casting for Oh, God!

The Lost Roles of Woody Allen

  • With The Hangover happening again this weekend, it's time to reflect upon the better moments of Zach Galifianakis' career. This is an interview he did for his fake talk show "Between Two Ferns," with co-star Bradley Cooper as his guest. As of this posting, Galifianakis has not yet done a "Between Two Ferns" in promotion of his newest movie, The Hangover Part II.

  • The Smoking Gun breaks America's "Sweet" heart a little more with this expose of Katy Perry's requirements for her cotton candy-filled "Teenage Dream" tour. Among my favorite demands are the very specific pieces of French furniture, and the power she has that allows her to scalp her own tickets.

Katy Perry's Concert Rider

  • Have you seen that trailer for that Spanish Will Ferrell movie? If not, here it is. And yes, this is going to be a real movie. Bueno!


  • For the multitude of Facebook statuses and Twitter posts he has inspired, Harold Camping sucks. Oh yeah, and that whole "Doomsday" fad was stupid too. Someone should ring his doorbell constantly. Or cut off his internet.


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