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TSR Buzz: The United State of Pop 2010, The King's (Real) Speech, Hot Drinks

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  • For everyone that has seen The King's Speech and has been caught up in that intense conclusion, (myself included), here's a recording of the actual speech as delivered by King George VI. You may notice that it seems the real King George did not seem to stammer in this moment as much as Firth's performance made it out to be.


  • A year has not officially passed until a compilation of the year's pop music has been created by the ambitious DJ Earworm. Here is this year's "Mashup of the Top 25 Billboard Hits," which doesn't sound quite as good as the previous years. Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" is given the most attention as that song's beat anchors this tune.


  • Some of the release dates on this list do not correlate with America's schedule, but this should still hype any excited moviegoer as to what films/cinematic experiences are awaiting us in 2011.

The 49 Films That Will Define 2011

  • Finally, because everyone just loved last week's "Chili Can Be Served With Cheese," (just kidding), here's another music video from a Wendy's training video that educates viewers on how to deal with "hot drinks." This song is equally as catchy as "Cheese," and possibly even more informative. Prepare to dance next time you go to Wendy's.


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