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TSR Buzz: Tea and Colbert, Kids Going to the Dark Side, and Past vs. Future Beastie Boys

With TSR Buzz, you’ll find links to articles, videos and other random things that will help you waste your time just a little bit more. Does it feel like I'm all about Stephen Colbert? That's probably because I am, but what can I say? He's having a moment. This first clip is from last Wednesday's show. Colbert meets with an expert on British Royal etiquette. He may be the only man left on the planet who doesn't know what Colbert's up to. This is so funny it almost made me cry.

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The Daily Show won yet another award at Comedy Central's Comedy Awards (will the statues be called "The Commies"?) but this time, Colbert wasn't just going to take it lying down.

Kids these days. Back in my day, we all wanted to be Han Solo or Princess Leia. Now they all want to be Sith Lords. This little girl surprises the cast at this Disneyland show.


Remember when it came out that British newspapers had been hacking the cellphones of celebrities and politicians for years in an effort to find scandalous things to print? Hugh Grant turned the tables on the paps by recording his conversation with a former executive for one of the worst offending papers. Kind of fascinating.

Finally, The Beastie Boys revisit their classic "Fight For Your Right to Party" for their new album. This trailer looks very promising.


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