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The Incredibles (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)

Blu-ray Review The Incredibles

Directed by: Brad Bird Cast: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Jason Lee, Samuel L. Jackson Running Time: 1 hr 55 mins Rating: PG Due Out: April 12, 2011

PLOT: A father (Nelson) and his family of secret superheroes must work together when the world is threatened by an evil mastermind (Lee).

WHO'S IT FOR? Those looking to wrassle up their young sons and daughters for family night. Even more immediately, anyone who has been a fan of any Pixar Animation movies (Toy Story 3, Up, etc.) This may not be in the top three list of the studios' greatest films, but it's certainly entertaining.


The Incredibles is more special as a comedy about family than it is superheroes. While it can stand as one of the first to get reflexive with the concept of the superhero, it still works with elements that have certainly become familiar years after its release. At the time of this film’s release in 2004, Alan Moore’s graphic novel “Watchmen” had been out for more than a decade, and featured some similar elements – superhero indictment, the reluctance of a hero to fight evil again, and even the concept of a wannabe “super” putting the world at jeopardy for the sake of their own ego. Though it has been joked about online in an Internet video, The Incredibles is the closest we’ll ever get to something like “Watchmen Babies.”

Still, The Incredibles stands out amongst many other familiar comedies with its foremost attention of character development. Granted, this expands the movie to a near two-hour running time, something that is itself remarkable for an animated comedy, yet it provides a more detailed depiction of family than one might expect. It’s not just sharp dialogue and accomplished animation, often delivered in the setting of a typical family – The Incredibles comes with a handful of exciting action sequences that utilize the family members’ powers to full extent, along with the imagination of Oscar-winning screenwriter Brad Bird.

As always with Disney’s Blu-ray packages, this 4-disc edition of The Incredibles comes with a multitude of extras. A large chunk of the extras have been available previously, but they are knowingly categorized as “Classic Content.” Continuing a great trend in previous Pixar releases, this package includes a roundtable discussion with the filmmakers behind The Incredibles. Other shorts, such as Jack-Jack Attack, have been been updated to Blu-ray quality.



Commentary with Director Brad Bird and Producer John Walker Commentary with Animators Boundin' Short Jack-Jack Attack Short Jack-Jack Attack Exploded (Commentary by Brad Bird, etc.) The Incredibles Revisited Paths to Pixar: Story Artists Studio Stories: Gary's Birthday Ending With A Bang: Making the End Credits The New Nomanisan: A Top Secret Redevelopment Plan Deleted Scenes Now in HD Incredibles Teaser in HD Classic Content Easter Eggs


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