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TSR Buzz: Beastie Boys Bring Da Noize, Dustin Hoffman's Luck, and Sammy Hagar's Alien Encounter

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  • Last week I linked to the trailer for the new Beastie Boys album, this week we have the first video, for the song "Make Some Noise." There are even more celebrity cameos, including David Cross in lederhosen. That's as awesome as it sounds.

  • I loved Deadwood and mourned it's demise, so I'm super psyched about HBO's new show, Luck. David Milch (writer of maybe the best dialogue TV has ever seen) writes, Michael Mann directs/produces and Dustin Hoffman stars. I don't even care that it's about horse racing.


  • Hobo With a Shotgun was spawned from a fake trailer the director sent to Robert Rodriguez as part of a contest during Grindhouse's release. Now four years later, it's a feature starring Rutger Hauer as the titular hobo. Surprisingly, it's getting great reviews and is available to rent before it shows up in theaters.
  • David Lynch and Interpol have collaborated on a short film. Here's it is, shown on stage at Coachella behind the band as they play "Lights".


  • Sammy Hagar was abducted by aliens, this is a fact. He was kind enough to reenact the story of his encounter on video for those of us who are more visual.


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