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TSR Buzz: Lando/Chewbacca for Galactic Overlord and Watch Zach Galfianakis Become Mr. T

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  • Remember when Terry Gilliam directed Arcade Fire's Madison Square Garden concert? That was awesome. Now, David Lynch has announced he'll be directing a Duran Duran concert that will stream live on the web on March 23rd. It seems like an unusual choice for the band, and the director. The only thing I'm sure of is that it'll be weird.
  • Lando Calrissian is running against Emperor Palpatine for leader of the Galaxy. Seriously, this should be a no brainer! To seal the deal, Chewbacca is his running mate!

  • In preparation for Paul, please enjoy Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's shot for shot remake of the Star Wars Trilogy. Er, sort of. Pegg totally has the walk down.

  • If you watched SNL last week, you may have noticed Zach shaved his head for the end of the show. This clip shows how it was done. I don't think there ever was a Mr. T sketch. Liars!


  • And now: panda video.


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