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TSR Buzz: The Arcade Fire, Coconut Records, Christmas music plus 'Twin Tornadoes vs. Double Rainbow'

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  • The Arcade Fire keeps on doing it. This time Spike Jonze helps out by directing "The Suburbs." It's better in concert.


  • I don't really shop at Target anymore, but Jason Schwartzman just might convince me otherwise. His group (pretty sure it's just him) Coconut Records recorded "This Christmas" for a special holiday album from Target. Jenny O. and Guster also have songs on the album. And it's free? Free?! Click here for details.


  • You want more Christmas music? Me too. Here's "Christmas Wrapping" by The Waitress with some holiday lights thrown in (Lightorama).


  • I love Michael Jordan, especially with my Chicago roots. I'm really hoping the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Miami Heat tonight. Here's Jordan giving a talking to LeBron James with the help of some fancy editing. Michael Jordan on LeBron James' - Rise.


  • Jimmy Kimmel shows the new trailer for the upcoming flick - "Twin Tornadoes vs. Double Rainbow" ... what does it mean?


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