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TSR Buzz: Ben Folds, 'Mad Men,' LeBron James and '30 Rock'

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  • I know it's been two weeks, but in the world of DVRs, I just got around to watched the West Coast version of "30 Rock." Here's the 17 differences between the East Coast and West Coast versions.
  • Season 4 of "Mad Men" is over. It was brilliant and I will miss it greatly. Here's a twist on the theme song you'll enjoy.


  • Seattle's EMP (Experience Music Project) is the best museum. Seriously, it's the best. Now they're going to add a Nirvana exhibit.
  • Why haven't you bought the new Ben Folds/Nick Hornby album "Lonely Avenue" yet? Here's a video to make you believe.


  • LeBron James has a new commercial. That's not a big deal is it?


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