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TSR Buzz: Charlie Brown, 'Glee's' Teenage Dream, Leslie Nielsen and Cats

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  • How many times have you said a movie quote, and couldn't remember what movie it was from?  Isn't it about time the Internet comes up with a solution for this problem?  Thank you Internet Gods!
  • It's the first of December!  The Christmas Season has officially started!  Here to welcome it is my good friend Charlie Brown.


  • Glee had their sectional episode tonight, but I still can't get over "Teenage Dream" two weeks ago, even though I've never heard Katy Perry's version.


  • Leslie Nielsen passed away this week, Brian Williams offers a fitting obituary.

  • I like to think of myself as an intelligent person.  Then I see this video and laugh so hard I can't breathe.  So the smart thing is kind of up in the air.


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