‘jOBS’ starring Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad – trailer review


Directed by: Joshua Michael Stern
Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Josh Gad, Dermot Mulroney
Rating: PG-13
Release Date: August 16, 2013

Trailer Score: 4/10

Thoughts by TSR: Maybe it’s because I’ve never owned an Apple product – seriously, not even an iPod! – but I’m just not that into this trailer for Jobs. Not being an Apple devotee, I don’t know how accurate Ashton Kutcher’s portrayal of Steve Jobs is, I just know I don’t find what they are showing of the performance all that impressive. His reading of “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” leaves a little to be desired, and the final shot of him in Jobs’ glasses and beard gear mostly made me think of Jude Law in Anna Karenina. I’m not complaining about thinking about a great film, but I can’t imagine that was the desired effect. Overall, nothing about this apparent hagiography of the Apple co-founder has me excited.

Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak and Dermot Mulroney as an investor both look alright. That’s as far as I’m willing to go, though. While none of the performances seem great, my biggest gripe with this thing is the musical choices. Don’t get me wrong, I like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis just fine. It just feels a bit obvious to have “Can’t Hold Us” playing during Apple’s hip, maverick start-up days before shifting into a generic emotional score for the later stuff that includes Kutcher reading a crayon scrawled note from his child. It doesn’t help that it then goes back to Macklemore at the end of the slightly amusing tag. I don’t automatically dislike Kutcher – sue me, I thought he was quite charming alongside Natalie Portman in No Strings Attached – but based on this trailer I’ll likely be skipping Jobs.


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