‘Bel Ami’ starring Robert Pattinson – trailer review

Bel Ami

Directed by: Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas
Rating: Not Yet Rated
Release Date: TBA


Thoughts by TSR: There are certain actors I find myself rooting for. For one reason or another I rally behind them and hope they succeed. Robert Pattinson is one of those actors. I hate that he became part of a franchise with such vehement hatred spewed its way, making it difficult for him to be taken seriously. A lot of people hold Twilight against him and that’s too bad because I think he has legitimate talent. That itself is probably a crazy statement to some, but I stand behind it. I’m hoping Bel Ami is a film that helps Pattinson start to rid the bad, sparkling vampire taste from some folk’s mouths.

Before this trailer I wasn’t really aware of Bel Ami. I wasn’t familiar with the novel by Guy de Maupassant either, so I didn’t have any idea what to expect. What I got looks like a fairly interesting story of a man using his considerable charms to seduce the wives of influential men in order to boost his social status. Pattinson looks fine as the lead, but his co-star Uma Thurman looks less than impressive. Thurman has rarely impressed me outside her work in Tarantino films, so this doesn’t shock me, but I still hope the film proves her to give a stronger performance than the trailer leads me to believe. Kristin Scott Thomas also makes a welcome appearance and I’m certainly not a person who would casually write off a film that is smart enough to cast her. The story of Bel Ami intrigues me, but the trailer also shows off some strong production values. Between the plot, the sets and especially the costumes, this is a film I’ll definitely give a look when I get a chance to see it.

With the end in sight for Twilight, here’s hoping Robert Pattinson can break out of the franchise and make a name for himself on his own merits. I’m not sure if Bel Ami is going to be the film that achieves this, but this trailer gives me hope it can serve as a step in the right direction, and be a good film in its own right.


  1. Michele says:

    I thought the trailer looked so interesting I bough the book. Intrigue is a good word, the whole thing intrigued me also. I love period movies (and novels) and from what I understand, this character is terrible but still ends up coming out on top. Interesting message, not one that I’d advocate, but will I see the movie? Hell, yes!


  2. Indrani DasGupta says:

    Guy de Maupassant’s Bel Ami is increasingly relevant in our society. Look at the bankers and the CEOs getting everything they want and to heck with everybody else. Anyway, I liked the trailer. As an RP fan, I’m hoping he makes more and more of the movies HE likes as time goes by; his upcoming work with Cronenberg an exciting example. He thinks out of the Hollywood box, has great emotive instincts and a gifted intellect. Twilight will be something he will always be grateful for, but it will soon be a speck in the distance for him. I am also looking forward to Declan Donellan’s cinematic debut as well as the three leading ladies — all of whom I like.

  3. Majo says:

    Thanks for excellent review. I loved the trailer, Bel Ami is one of the most anticipated films for me, I like the cast of the film and the story of Guy de Maupassant seems very interesting. Furthermore, I agree Robert Pattinson is a young talented actor who deserves a chance to show what they can do as an actor, people need to see Water for Elephants, Remember Me and Little Ashes, he certainly shows that can interpret different characters.

  4. Chris says:

    Really great, objective review. I think a lot of people rally behind this actor because he seems amazingly unfazed by and humble about his success. He was given the opportunity for his big break and took it like anyone would have. It’s unfortunate that Twilight, due to it’s immense popularity, suffered a backlash which is typical when a movie generates so much success. But what sets him apart is what he has done since: smaller films that he is passionate about. I have read Bel Ami and think the trailer has captured the vision I had in my head. I wish it great success and am looking forward to it being released.

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