Top Celebrity Appearances on Sesame Street

The Deets compiled a list of the Top Celebrity Appearances on Sesame Street. And I admit, I’m jealous I didn’t do this before him. I love Muppets.

Here’s Deets list, including video of each performance. It includes Natalie Portman, James Blunt and Alicia Keys … What!?! No Michael Stipe? Johnny Cash? Bill Cosby? Robert De Niro? Steve Martin? Sigh. I might have to give this some more thought and completely steal this idea for a Top 7 list.

Until then, you should go to Youtube and check out “Furry Happy Monsters.”


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  1. Ed Kohler says:

    REM was a judgment call. They were on with the Muppets rather than Sesame Street characters. Great performance though.

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