Oscar Shorts 2010 – Animated Program – film reviews

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French Roast

Directed by: Fabrice O. Joubert
Running Time: 8 minutes

PLOT: A man is stuck at a cafe drinking coffee, trying to figure out how to pay after he loses his wallet.


This is CGI, but it’s below anything you’re used to seeing in a Pixar flick. This short is just not sweet enough, and I’m not talking about the hundreds of cups of coffee this guy drinks. There is a homeless man and a little old lady involved. Probably my favorite part is the homeless man’s flies. Plus, I really didn’t understand the confusion when a robber enters the mix.


The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte)

Directed by: Javier Recio Gracia
Running Time: 8 minutes

PLOT: An old woman has lived a long life, and when she dies, the grim reaper and a doctor fight over her survival.


There are going to be many people who are turned off by the plot. It starts with a sweet song and the old woman looking forward to being with her husband in the afterlife. Quickly, it’s making light of death. It’s kind of funny. It’s kind of disturbing. I guess the doctor is the villain here and the grim reaper is just trying to do his job. The funniest moment is when the grim reaper gets stuck listening to elevator music. It almost turns into an animated Benny Hill. The CGI quality here is a little better than French Roast.


Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty

Directed by: Nicky Phelan and Darragh O’Connell
Running Time: 6 minutes

PLOT: A disturbed grandmother tells her sweet grandchild a warped bedtime story.


This was my least favorite of the group, but it was also the shortest. It’s supposed to be funny that a grandmother would take out all her issues with the world on the kid, but then why does she also have moments of sweetness? The CGI is weak at best, but the two-dimensional used in the fairytale looks lovely. When a grandmother repeated says “Die, die, die,” you’d better hope it’s funny.



Directed by: Nicolas Schmerkin
Running Time: 17 minutes

PLOT: In a world with advertising and logos walking around town, a Michelin cop is chasing down a renegade Ronald McDonald.


Winner winner, chicken dinner. Half the time you’ll just be looking around and seeing what ads you recognize, like Pizza Hut, Nintendo and the Mr. Clean tour guide. Half the time you’ll be floored by the action, language and blood. Half the time you won’t really get what you are watching. Wait, that’s three halves. Screw it, this short is worth it. I guess the big picture purpose is to show our dependence on oil, but I could be totally off on that. More importantly, this is a chase flick that gets the job done.


A Matter of Loaf and Death

Directed by: Nick Park
Running Time: 29 minutes

PLOT: The title, A Matter of Loaf and Death, might not stand out in a crowd, but how about Wallace and Gromit’s A Matter of Loaf and Death. Yeah, I thought that was a big difference. Here, Wallace meets a woman, and Gromit has his doubts. Plus, bakers are being murdered.


It’s just as good as you would expect. If you know the Wallace and Gromit world, you’ll get more of the same. If you don’t, then this is a good place to start. I’m surprised this can qualify. But I looked it up, and a short is simply something shorter than 45 minutes. This kind of feels like cheating though. Why don’t other things attempt to qualify? Shouldn’t Clone Wars on Comedy Central create a separate episode, just to try and win? What about Family Guy? Maybe winning an Oscar doesn’t have the allure I think it does.



A Matter of Loaf and Death


  1. Berdawn says:

    I had completely opposite reaction to “Granny Grim”, it was easily one of my favorites. She can she be terrifying and sweet, much like anyone, I think. Logorama I found went on far too long; an interesting idea and fun, but not as much substance as I would have hoped. The Lady & the Reaper, IMHO, was definitely the stand out in this group. the W&G was cute and well-done, but didn’t have much to say, if you know what I mean.

  2. Jeff Bayer says:

    Here’s the problem with Granny Grim – She had no reason to be mean to her grandchild. She was accidentally taking it out on her grandchild. Yet, her level of crazy/terrifying was so intense (to the kid) that it didn’t allow any humor in the moment.

  3. Berdawn says:

    For me, it’s the accidentally that redeems that redeems her. My explanation to a 5 year old of how the design of Barbie’s feet is akin to programming the child for a life of pink-collar jobs when what she wants to do is talk about which shoes match the tramparific ensemble she’s chosen is a somewhat less vehement version of Granny.

  4. moviegranny says:

    It’s funny when you ARE that granny. Where no one invites you b/c you are clinging to the past-have wrinkles, talk too much, smell like Depends, uses a walker, and on and on. Sometimes these “Grannies” feel like casting a spell on others. They, too, will learn what it is like to be old someday. BEWARE!

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