Rush Hour 3

Plot: LAPD’s finest, James Carter (Chris Tucker) and Chinese Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) discover trouble in Paris. I could tell you more about potential brothers, a French finger and a bald woman, but you’re not going to see this film based on plot, are you?

Who’s it for: If you want to sit down and watch this movie, it’s either 98 degrees outside and you just need air conditioning or you are a die-hard Chris Tucker fan. Otherwise, there’s better action and comedy out there right now.

Expectations: I had very low expectations. I have only seen the first two films in bits and pieces on cable. Now, I had no choice but to see it in the theater. Rough life I have, huh?



Chris Tucker as James Carter: I laughed about 10 percent of the time when Tucker cracked his one-liners. I actually don’t think they are jokes the majority of time, it’s just the inflection of his voice that is making people laugh. Truth be told, I’m still bitter that he ruined “The Fifth Element” for me.
Grade: 4

Jackie Chan as Lee: Chan still can’t deliver a joke. His command of the English language just isn’t good enough for it. Don’t believe me? Stick around for the outtakes at the end (which are definitely the funniest part). But while he’s getting up there in his years, he’s definitely getting it done on the action side of things.
Grade: 5

Talking: The relationship between Chan and Tucker is what got this franchise to part three. But unfortunately they are still stuck in stereotype mode. Like when Lee misses Carter, he orders fried chicken.
Grade: 3

Sights and sounds: Tucker broke into song whenever possible. But it really only worked the first time, during the opening credits when he was directing traffic and singing, “Do Me, Baby.” Even though the fight scenes are too choreographed for me, they are fun to watch.
Grade: 4


I am about to have surgery to get my tonsils removed. At my age, it’s supposed to be insanely painful. I was fully prepared to write something terribly witty about how sitting through “Rush Hour 3” could be worse. But you know what? I’d be lying. So here it is … “Rush Hour 3” is better than getting your tonsils removed. I’m almost positive. The film is formulaic and the plot is barely connected together. But it moves along quickly, there’s the occasional smile and the fight scenes are more like quick dance routines. And you know what, I didn’t even have to crack open the pain medication.

Overall Grade: 4


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