Knocked Up

Plot: It’s a one-night stand that has consequences. But luckily for us, the consequences are consistent laughter. Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) is a pot-smoking slacker who is the complete opposite of Allison Scott (Katherine Heigl), an up-and-coming E! Entertainment journalist. But when they get pregnant, both are willing to see if they can make it work in just nine short months.

Who’s it for: It’s a great date movie: Men will be laughing along with the group of boys in the film and women will be properly rolling their eyes. It’s the perfect balance.

Expectations: If you’ve seen a preview, you know this is from the same director as “40 Year Old Virgin.” You know this because they mention it EVERY chance they get. Another thing about the preview … they don’t show any of the truly funny moments.



Seth Rogen as Ben Stone: Eventually I got over the fact that he was never going to shave the stubble. Rogen is the perfect slacker and even has the pot-laugh to go along with it.
Grade: 8

Katherine Heigl as Allison Scott: During this entire season of “Grey’s Anatomy” I was hating Izzie. Then I saw “Knocked Up,” and I actually like her again simply because Heigl proved she can do MUCH better.
Grade: 9

Paul Rudd as Pete: He has no buffer and speaks for the unhappy fathers out there, yet he does it in a way that will have everyone cheering for more.
Grade: 10

Leslie Mann as Debbie: While the men have Pete, the women have Debbie. Mann’s over-the-top rant at the doorman outside a hip nightclub is what every woman wants to say. But, unlike the rest of society, Debbie doesn’t hold back.
Grade: 10

Rest of cast: There are quick, fun cameos from Harold Ramis, Ryan Seacrest (I know, I was surprised too), Joanna Kerns (Maggie Malone Seaver) and James Franco. A couple from “Saturday Night Live” steal some scenes and the rest are from “Freaks & Geeks” and “Undeclared.” If you don’t know those two TV shows, do yourself a favor and start learning.
Grade: 10

Talking: Whether it was Debbie and Allison having a masturbation talk or the guys discussing “Munich” at the bar, this film is a gem for all the pointless conversations. And then there are lines like this … “Isn’t it weird when you have kids and your dreams die?”
Grade: 10

Sights and sounds: “Knocked Up” isn’t going to win any cinematography awards, which is just fine. “Cirques du Soleil” was properly enjoyed and Loudon Wainwright III’s “Daughter” should be a favorite for father/daughter dances at weddings, even if it means dancing a little faster than usual.
Grade: 7


Best scene: Bubbles. Ben and Pete sit and talk about fatherhood and whether Ben will be able to deal with it. They eventually hit on how kids see bubbles as the most amazing thing ever. This scene just beats out the quick trip to Vegas.

Ending: I wasn’t sure what Seth Rogen meant when he said “Knocked Up” has more vagina than any other movie this summer … unfortunately now I know. Also, the final credits are shown with real-life baby photos of the cast. It’s a nice moment that makes you realize this film is more than laughs.

Random thoughts: It appears Ben survived on just a few hundred dollars during the pregnancy. That means he never picked up a tab when he went out with Allison ever … so what was it about him she liked again?

Rewatchability: I’ve already seen it twice, so the answer is yes. In fact it’s the only summer movie I wanted to see multiple times (I’m currently glaring in Spider-man’s direction, of which I had higher hopes). It also runs a little over two hours, but it never gets boring.


Typically, if a film attempts to show real-life, it ends up being draining for the audience, but “Knocked Up” is that perfect balance of real-life fun. There is always something to smile about and identify with. If you’re a slacker, condescending or extremely hormonal this film has someone for you to worship. Even when Ben and Allison fight, you’re glad it feels real. Sure, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for Allison to want Ben or to not have more questions about going through with the pregnancy, but I’m willing to overlook that simply because “Knocked Up” is the best movie of the summer thus far. But hey, it’s only June.

Overall Grade: 9


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