Lucky You

Plot: A full-time gambler attempts to make a run at the World Series of Poker. Along the way, he gets eyes for a lounge singer (Drew Barrymore) and deals with his dad (Robert Duvall), who’s one of poker’s elites.

Who’s it for: Still obsessed with poker? Then drag your girlfriend along, telling her that this film is a romantic comedy starring everyone’s favorite, Barrymore. But really, it’s just a poker flick.

Expectations: “Lucky You” has been completely done for more than two years. I have no idea why it took so long to make it to the big screen, but whenever a film is delayed, my Spidey-senses tingle. And now, it’s finally released, and it must contend with “Spider-Man 3.” Let me be the first to say “Lucky You” must not be referring to itself.



Eric Bana as Huck Cheever: The man can sell, and he proves it with a great opening scene. Bana does a good job showing the up-and-down life of a gambling addict who’s a professional poker player — except that he is good-looking and always seems to get out of tight jams.
Grade: 7

Drew Barrymore as Billie Offer: She’s a sucker. Not only is Billie terribly gullible, but she also believes she can fix every potential boyfriend. It’s going to be very difficult for Barrymore to please audiences this time, even if her track record says otherwise.
Grade: 3

Robert Duvall as L.C. Cheever: If only this film could have just been about L.C. and Huck playing poker and dealing with the past. Duvall had me sucked in the second he made fun of his own hairpiece.
Grade: 7

Talking: Wow. “Lucky You” went all-in with the poker clichés in every single dramatic scene.
Grade: 3

Sight & Sounds: Poker is truly king. This film does a better job than most with showcasing the game. And the winning hands are believable, unlike the recent “Casino Royale.”
Grade: 7


On the big screen, poker has had a run of bad luck. First, “Rounders” came out too early, missing the pop-culture wave, and now “Lucky You” has missed the boat, getting out of the gate too late. To top it off, “Lucky You” has another bout of bad luck opening against “Spider-Man 3” at the box office. And since “Lucky You” overdid the poker clichés to death, let me end with one of my favorites: “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” It seems “Lucky You” never learned that lesson.

Grade: 5


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