Wild Hogs

Plot: Four suburban weekend warriors (Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy), known as the Wild Hogs, decide to recapture the adventure in their lives and go on a cross-country motorcycle trip. They get entangled with a real biker gang, and end up trying to save a small town from the menacing El Diablo gang led by Jack (Ray Liotta).

Who’s it for: Over-the-hill men who dream of the freedom of the road and the women who put up with them. It’s a comedy that attempts to grab a few laughs without questioning if it makes any sense. And “Wild Hogs” definitely doesn’t respect the true motorcycle lovers.

Actors: There was a time when the four leads in one movie would have impressed me. I was a huge fan of Travolta’s during his “Pulp Fiction,” “Get Shorty” comeback. But now Allen and Travolta are so manicured they can’t capture the role of an “everyman.” No doubt, they had a fun time making the film, but wasting William H. Macy with bad slapstick humor just doesn’t cut it. The most disturbing part of the movie comes with all of the homophobic humor, with the worst offender being John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox from “Scrubs”).

Ending: Throughout the film, I was thinking that “Wild Hogs” would be the worst possible sequel to “Easy Rider.” It’s a movie that I have never fell in love with but understand its importance in film history. For a while I thought Peter Fonda might be rolling over in his grave, that is until he showed up for the finale. If you see the film, stay for the credits when “street tough” Jack gets an Extreme Homemaker from Ty Pennington — it was the first time I laughed with, instead of at, “Wild Hogs.”

Overall: Besides Fonda, Pennington and McGinley, Kyle Gass, Dr. Drew, Marisa Tomei and Stephen Tobolowsky appear as well, but can’t save the movie. I can only assume a bike wreck is much more gruesome than a car accident. Luckily, I have never seen one, but after watching “Wild Hogs,” I can imagine.

Overall Grade: 2


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