Box Office Review – March 21 – ‘Wonderland’ beats ‘Wimpy Kid’ and ‘Bounty Hunter’

Weekend box office estimates for March 19-21.

Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week #

1. Alice in Wonderland – $34,500,000 I 3,739 I $265,800,000 I 3
Bayer’s TSR – 6/10

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid – $21,800,000 I 3,077 I $21,800,000 I 1
McLaughlin’s TSR – 3/10

3. The Bounty Hunter – $21,000,000 I 3,074 I $21,000,000 I 1
Allen’s TSR – 1/10

4. Repo Men – $6,151,000 I 2,521 I $6,151,000 I 1
McLaughlin’s TSR – 8/10

5. She’s Out of My League – $6,015,000 I 2,958 I $19,954,000 I 2
Allen’s TSR – 6/10

Looks like it was a rough week for guessing and an even worse weekend for new movies.

Alice and the Red Queen stayed on top this weekend for the third weekend in a row. No telling what keeps this movie on top considering the lackluster reviews, but people keep on comin’.

In new movies, Diary of a Wimpy Kid performed better than most expected. Granted, I overestimated it a little, but it looks like parents and kids alike are eating up this family-friendly flick.

Coming in a somewhat expected third is the Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler rom-com The Bounty Hunter. Surprisingly enough, even if critics weren’t nuts about it, Jen once again finds her target audience for a decent opening weekend.

Last of the new releases is the sci-fi action flick Repo Men. It looks like a bit of an underperformance for the Jude Law flick, but it faced some heavy competition in its first weekend. Either way, I’m guessing it won’t be sticking around long on the top 5.

Finally, and surprisingly enough, She’s Out of My League made it into the top 5. After everyone predicted Green Zone sticking around, the Jay Baruchel comedy came out of nowhere to round out that number 5 spot.


  1. Rick says:

    Can I get my money back for watching that god awful mess “THE BOUNTY HUNTER”, who keeps hiring jennifer aniston…shes got to br the worse actress alive….all she knows how to play is Rachel from friends…long boring and sucked bigtime!

  2. Jeff Bayer says:

    The actuals are in … Green Zone beat League for fifth place. The above are the estimates which come out Sunday afternoon.

    5. Green Zone – $6,113,105
    6. She’s Out of My League – $5,802,363

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