Director Christopher Nolan to be ‘Superman’s’ “godfather” while scripting third Batman film

Kneel before Nolan!

The director of The Dark Knight has seen the dreams of Superman fans across the world, and is going to help make what they could just as well fantasize a reality. According to Deadline Hollywood, the writer/director who brought Batman back from the dark depths of Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin will be assuming the role of “godfather” for the development of the next Superman film. Still untitled, this Superman movie would be a complete re-boot of the franchise, and would be the latest feature film from the all-American superhero since 2006’s Superman Returns. That film, directed by Bryan Singer, had mediocre success (meaning decent critical reception, but not so much from the fans, so the box-office wasn’t great.)

Nolan is being brought on to the project by Warner Bros. to ensure that “the Man of Steel gets off the ground after a 3 1/2 year hiatus.” It is not guaranteed, or likely, that Nolan will direct the next Superman film. (Considering the progress being made on X-Men: First Class, it is not likely that Singer will return either).

Thankfully, Nolan has a great excuse as to why he probably won’t personally bring Superman back to life (again). The man is said to have created a concept for a third Batman film, and is currently scripting it right now with his brother Jonathan Nolan and collaborator David Goyer (they have worked on the past two Batman films).

After months of silence, it’s very exciting to hear that both superheroes will soon have their lives back on relative track, and thanks to the mind of a super-director. Even if Nolan’s upcoming summer film Inception tanks, (which I sure hope it doesn’t!), Warner Bros. and movie fans alike will be returning in droves, possibly even drooling all over themselves, once he helps make both Batman and Superman fly through the skies again.

What do you think? Do you think Christopher Nolan has the chops to save Superman while also bringing back Batman to tackle the often difficult “good three-quel”? Man of Steel fans, how would you like to see Superman re-done? Batman fans, what villains or story lines do you think we will see in the extremely anticipated followup to 2008’s monstrous hit The Dark Knight?

Source: Deadline Hollywood


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