‘Avatar’ Dominates World With $800 Million International Gross

The generic wish of “Happy New Year!” was fulfilled almost immediately for James Cameron and all of the followers of his Avatar universe, when the big budget film reached $800 million worldwide around the time of Thursday night (December 31, 2009).

On Wednesday, the worldwide total was situated around $794.1 million.

Domestically, it has taken Avatar only 13 days to make $268.8 million, with a daily average of about $18M.

As for this upcoming weekend, in which nothing new is opening wide, it is speculated that the film could bank another $50-60 million in America alone.

For those keeping track, Cameron’s previous film Titanic made $600,788,188 domestically back in 1997. Worldwide, the director’s previous giant made $1,842,879,955.

Who thinks he can beat his own ship with Avatar?

Source: Deadline Hollywood, Box Office Mojo

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  1. dean says:

    very possible.

  2. Eddie says:

    Not gonna happen. But it’s an amazing film and has made an enormous profit. I’m loving Sam and James. They’re the new Tom and Steven

  3. V. Richie says:

    I believe it could equal or surpass Titanic but I think the ratio would be different in that it would make a larger percentage of it’s profit worldwide rather than domestically.

    America is just too “right” minded to fully appreciate this movies peace-loving theme. The rest of the world pretty much gets it.

    Please don’t flame – I’m American, born and raised and even a military vet of two wars so having served in combat and lived both in America and overseas I think I’m at least moderately qualified to make that statement.

  4. butch cassidy says:

    by a long shot…….

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