Is The ‘Avatar’ Story Headed Towards Another Planet?

With his epic original film Avatar taking in $623.6 million worldwide in just two weeks, I think it’s fair to say that director James Cameron is not just the king of the world, but probably the entire galaxy. He has dominated the world of Pandora with the record-breaking film, and is now considering other planets for possible sequels to Avatar.

Speaking to Hero Complex, Cameron hinted that the future sequels could possibly feature the moons that neighbor Pandora, and possibly even the central planet of Polyphemus.

Said Cameron: “The planet in Pandora’s sky is called Polyphemus and it’s the primary for a system of moons, just like in our solar system, Jupiter has fifty some moons and they’re discovering smaller ones all of the time. We have some story ideas for how to branch out into other moons of Polyphemus and the Alpha Centauri A solar system.”

But, never getting too ahead of himself, Cameron stated, “But we’ve got to make some money with this movie first before we think about the sequel.”

For additional information on these planets, the following is an excerpt from “Avatar: An Activist’s Survival Guide,” as written Maria Willhelm and Dirk Mathison, courtesy of MTV News: “Clouds and oceans were visible on several of the moons larger than 6437 KM in diameter. Remote sensing revealed nitrogen-oxygen atmostpheres on the fifth and sixth moons; this type of atmosphere could only be produced by carbon-cycle life forms.”

Let the speculations begin. Should a sequel (or two) be made, do you think it will feature Jake Sully? Will it primarily focus on the battle between humans and the tribal Na’vi, or perhaps it will be mostly just blue people? Or, what if a planet like Polyphemus has green people?

Or rather, what would you like to see in an Avatar sequel?

Source: MTV News, Hero Complex

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  1. th4 says:

    I could imagine a sequel where lots of sky people return in their own high tech avatars and start to overtake pandora. but I think that would not be a good enough story, so hopefully something that I didn´t even think of 🙂 as long as the sequel comes out asap 🙂

  2. Peter7 says:

    Well…. I’d like to see more of Pandora… we’ve only scratch the surface… and yes I’d like to see more of Jake and his blue Princess….  🙂
    Anyone has an idea what will happen to them now?

  3. Dangthing says:

    I think that Cameron will keep the characters if he’s smart, why spend a 2 hour 42 minute film developing a set of characters with a supporting story just to go and make another film with a completely different set that he then has to create back stories for and develop? The only problem with keeping the current characters is that the story either has to stay on Pandora or he has to figure out some way to get them to another planet, which is difficult since they don’t have any technology now that the Sky People are gone. I want to see a sequel but it needs to be sort of like T2 compared to T1. The story needs to make sense, fit in with what has already happened, and most importantly it needs to be be a great movie. Some movies are great and then have crapshooter sequels, I really don’t want to see this happen to The Avatar Series should they decide to make it a series. I also want so see a continuation of the already in place graphics standard on this movie. If the sequel isn’t done with the same thoroughness then its not going to be as good. The beauty of the film is at least 60% of the experience.

  4. Rob says:

    I have to agree with you, that more of the beautifully told love story between Jake and Neytiri must be part of the sequels. I can’t remember when something struck me so hard (even 3 days now, after I watched Avatar) than their way from meeting in the night and finally deciding for one another under the tree of souls. Anyway, I guess the sequels desevere a hero like figure like Jake Sully along whome the new stories are being told. Stories, that might take them to possible darker sides of the planet Pandora or even include the death of Neytiri (in the end tragedy is a very powerful instrument in movies). At the end of this movie I was sure that Jake Sully dies, being reminded of the ending of Titanic, where Jack (btw: funny coincidence) dies.
    At the end, we can be sure, that a sequel to Avatar will blow our minds, since Cameron will not hand this over to some other producer, who rips its soul out and goes all franchise with the theme.

  5. Peter7 says:

    On IMDB news I read today that Cameron insisted that the second movie would have a different locale (another moon or planet in Alpha Centauri Solar System). In another article.. Cameron stated that the next two movies would pick-up from where Avatar left off. “We’ll follow Jake and Neytiri ” he says. I wonder…  how to combine two things… 1. Pandora left behind, 2. Jake and The Blue Princess stay in the movie…  they don’t have the technology to leave the planet, but… what if …there’s somekind of portal that leads to another moon?  🙂
    Besides ..they don’t have to leave Pandora in their bodies… they could do that… (or only Jake) through another Avatar… what do you think?

  6. Dangthing says:

    Avatars piloting other Avatars perhaps piloting a third Avatar? I don’t see that angle being played upon, I just don’t think it would work at all. A portal could work but they would have to have one hell of an explanation to make it work, although the whole flux vortex thing does make an open doorway into strange things taking place. “Something very interesting is going on down there biologically” Grace.

  7. Tuatao says:

    i think it would be cool if we could explore Pandora more….maybe in search of a new beginning and have a chance to see the different regions on Pandora and the type of people that live there…..who says all Na’vi have to be blue….maybe there is other races of Na’vi on their planet from different regions like it is on earth with different color hair and skin and eyes… would be cool to see like a Na’vi that was orange w/ green eyes, stripes and white hair living in a desert type region or one that was gray w/ blue eyes and black hair living in the high peaks of the polar caps….An interesting story would be like the humans have come to other areas on pandora and dealt w/ other races of Na’vi who offer humans their natural resources in exchange for their technology….Then Toruk (Jake Sully)
    and Neytiri are faced with other Na’vi using the technology against the other clans to rob them of there resources in an attempt to create a “new world order” on Pandora….not just a rouge clan but a rouge nation

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