D23 announces Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides, Muppets and Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus at D23

Miley Cyrus at D23

It’s the D23 convention … the big party Disney throws to announce everything new in the world of the mouse. The biggest news came when they announced Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has a title addition … On Stranger Tides. They could probably call it Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Depp, Depp and more Depp
and make even more money.

Miley Cyrus was among John Travolta, Johnny Depp, Nic Cage and others. She took the stage (as you can see).

You know who else sang? The Muppets! They did a little “Rainbow Connection,” reportedly for the lovers, the dreamers and me. The next Muppet movie is going to be called The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made. But they failed to mention if this is the film Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) is working on. How could you keep us in suspense?

Cage also said he’s in for another National Treasure movie. Travolta was there will his wife Kelly Preston and their daughter. It’s the first public appearance the three of them have made since the death of their son.

Dick Cook, Disney chairman, said that Travolta and his old co-stars will return for Wild Hogs 2: Bachelor Ride.

For a complete list of events from D23 head to MTV movie news

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  1. miley fan says:

    I was joking at work that there’s something about the Muppets that makes every major studio try their hand at making a Muppet movie. Here we go again, but I have to admit the title made me laugh. And since it’s Disney, I’ll probably give it a chance.

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