Cliffhanger and Escape from New York remakes in the works

Producer Neal Moritz has come to the Cannes Film Festival with some interesting news: he’s going to produce a remake of Renny Harlin’s 1993 altitude rush Cliffhanger, and also a re-boot of action classic Escape From New York.

Gallic company StudioCanal will be teaming with Neil Mortiz’s Original Films in producing the projects. More recently, Moritz is credited for producing the new Fast and Furious movie.

“Just as they did with Star Trek, we’re going to do the same with Cliffhanger,” Moritz said of the remake which will involve younger climbers. It is also worth noting that this new Cliffhanger will have “multiple cliff face locations,” as opposed the 1993 film’s singular use of the Colorado Rockies.

Cliffhanger is looking for a screenwriter.

The new Escape from New York already has a set budget of 80 million, and will be made through Warner Bros., New Line, and Studio Canal.

I would argue that Escape is a bit more of a classic than Cliffhanger, considering the icon the previous made of character Snake Plissken. And with Sly Stallone’s dangling off the sides of mountains … not so much. To be fair to John Lithgow, the “3rd Rock from the Sun” overshadows Stallone when it comes to memorability with that film. Though the first scene of Cliffhanger is still pretty darn intense…

Source: Variety


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  1. If anyone is listening out there, Snake Plissken has to played by Josh Holloway of Lost. He is the only person on the planet who could pull of a believable Snake, as he just acts the part already on the show. I do not want to see some punk kid from the WB playing a war veteran /criminal because it will make me vomit. Use the proposed 80 million dollar budget to make a movie that fans of the original will love. Hollywood, please go back and watch the original film, study what makes it so great and let loose.

    Too many movies nowadays forget about the older actors that can make movies very good. 10% of the population if that look as good as the teeny boppers they put in movies today and it’s sickening. Go to your local supermarket and you will see everyday people in different shaped and sizes, not these Trident commercial rejects. Real people are what it’s all about, the look of someone who’s been there is very important in making a movie work. You cant take some wet behind the ears little punk and make him a bad ass, he has to look the part. Please start making movies with this quality again and stop catering to little kids who just want glam and bling.

    Nuff Siad.

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