Zac Efron wants to remake Back to the Future

Great Scott! Will Zac Efron just leave the 80’s alone?

Speaking to Teen Hollywood, the High School Musical and 17 Again star was all jazzed up about playing the role made classic by Michael J. Fox. Much of his enthusiasm seems to come from his childhood, as he told the website: “Growing up, my favorite thing was to go into the car and play Back to the Future. I would pretend I was Marty McFly.”

On top of this, Efron even has his own DeLorean, which was reportedly given to him by his grandfather.

As concerned as I may be, I’m also confused. Did this mean Efron used to play with the car radio or obtain plutonium illegally?

For the record, there has indeed been talk of another Back to the Future – but not in a good way. Writer/producer of the trilogy Bob Gale said last year said that there are no plans. “The filmmakers – we love [the three films] just the way they are. I’m sure Universal would love it if we were to say to them, ‘Hey, let’s do another one,’ but I don’t think we could ever make a fourth film that would live up to how great the first three are, so we’re going to leave well enough alone.”

Those words are comforting, but who knows as we go into the future whether they shall remain true. Either way, I don’t think Efron would be a horrible choice to play McFly. He’s got the ambitious teen actor thing going on – kind of like Kurt Russell when he was doing movies like The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and then Escape from New York only eleven years later. At the least, he’s not doing that Footloose remake.

What do you think, Efron-ites? Would he make a good “chicken” or not?

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  1. kariaaaa says:

    Zac! no, dont make a remake! the first 3 are perfect as they are. Dont be a douche.thank god they dont want to make a remake. they would’ve killed the classic and the one who played Marty McFly, Michael j. Fox, was perfect!

  2. dontdoit says:

    if you lazy hollywood f**ks cant come up with yur own ideas just quit yur jobs and get new ones. quit raping the 80s and if you want to remake this classic you should all kill yourselves.

  3. WHatAreYouLokingAtButthead? says:


  4. NoWay says:

    WORST IDEA EVER! To remake this movie, with or wihtout Efron or LeBeouf, would be disasterous. No fan would want to see this classic butchered.

  5. cool bug says:

    wats with all you people!? he should do it! you are out of your minds!

  6. cool bug says:

    I think Efron would be a cool Marty!

  7. History Rape says:

    Please, on behalf of everyone that enjoyed these movies. Please, don’t ruin these movies. Indiana Jones has already been ruined, Transformers has been forever destroyed, Star Wars…dear lord Star Wars…, but seriously, this cannot be made.

    Please on behalf of anyone who has ever liked a movie, this movie cannot be made.

  8. trampus lane says:

    this is the dumbest idea ever.they have already made crappy remakes of other movies john carpenters the “fog” crap the amittyville horror crap “gone in sixty seconds” complete crap.need i say more.this hollywood trend of remaking classic movies is getting old very will die out someday but not before hurting a lot of classic movies hollywood is full of no talents right now.hopefully this will change very soon and hollwood will get an influx of talent tnat is out there waiting to bring filmmaking back to it’s glory days

  9. john T says:

    I dont think it is a bad idea. Its true the 3 from the 80’s are good the way they are and trust me, I a huge FAN, but Im older enough to understand now that these movies will ever be great!. It doesnt matter if it gets remade by shia or zac or directed by McG or Spielberg or Stallone. These movies will always shine by themselves and Will always be on to of my Movie shelf. I wil show them to my sons and my nephews and they might find it borin(because of the tecnology and the non-HD resolution) but at the end it will no matter.
    If they go ahead and do a remake, How will this hurt the former 3.?? They are just the greatest!!. I havent stopped watching Indiana’s First because of the Last and I dont find it boring or a waste of time.
    My Point is: If they do it, they better do it right because its a BIG responsibility in their shoulders. If it turns to be a waste of time and money then they will be the losers but the former 3 will always be right where they are: at the reach of my hands on my movie shelf.

  10. Elysse says:

    i think zac efron would be a better Marty McFly than Shia LaBeouf atleast Zac is waay good-looking

  11. JustDon't says:

    NO! it would suck- leave the classics alone!

  12. Gathzer says:

    We had seen many classic destroyed by remakes. Re making BTTF will be a time paradox that will destroy the universe! so, Hollywood, please, hire new writers that can come up with something new and fresh, and LEAVE THE CLASSICS ALONE!

  13. Iswear2GOD says:

    I swear to god if the remake back to the future i will invent a gun that shoots out chainsaw bullets and hunt down everyone that will be listed in the credits.

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